My Mission Mantra 
I am a healer of healers who unlocks human potential, I do that through shadow work, empowerment practices and somatic ritualization.
(somatic expression and embodiment)
(mental and emotional wellness)
(energetic and spiritual alignment)
(understanding how to access your own truth through experimentation)
(how to put into practice new truths and integration work)
I invite you into relationship, with yourself, with me and with our community.
I understand how profound the pain in transformation can be and I also understand how much more resilient we can be when we feel safe and supported.
I understand trauma and its responses in the body.
I understand how to walk through the fire of it and continue to do so over and over as I am called to and I am here as your guide into the depths.
I began trusting that calling within me to awaken the shadow, the magic, the dragon, and all the archetypes buried in us that access the power lying dormant.
As we practice trust and surrender to the path of the healer within, I promise what will emerge is someone you recognize, but who is reborn.
I continuously dive deeply into my own inner world through awareness, clearing, dismantling, death and rebuilding myself and healing my ancestral, spiritual, epigenetic, psychological and physical traumas.
I will help you dive in and I will help you find your way back out.
Come with me.


Let's work together!









Your Guide into the depths.

Nichole London has been a Certified Medical and Intuitive Bodyworker for 15 years! She has worked with THOUSANDS of people and BODIES!
BUT...She has always been a healer.
Her expression of herself as a healer began as a gymnast when she was 4 years old until she was in junior high working on others who had ailments and aches, in high school she worked as an athletic trainer, then after high school she began her career as a massage therapist, graduating with honors, and doing her medical internship at Tacoma General Hospital.
Since then she has worked at a 5 star Medical Spa, Chiropractic Health Center, and Opened her first Healing Center in 2009  when she was 26 in Tacoma, WA
After falling severely ill with Valley Fever in 2011, there was an awakening that started to happen within her. A right of passage was opening to her and she didn't know if she would make it through or if she even wanted to. It was an intensive 2 year journey where she had to face her potential death and decide if she would accept the deeper journey of the healer within.
She did.
Life has never been the same.
She relentlessly committed to over 3000 hours of group therapy, gestalt work and constellation work from 2008-2013 after the death of her mother with the incomparable Yvonne Bryght. This act saved her life.
She's spent hundreds of hours devoted to the physical healing journey with Yoga, Crossfit, AcroYoga, Hula hooping, Dance, play, and meditation practices spanning belief systems and continents and dozens of modalities of physical healing and energy work.
She has worked with coaches and leadership trainers from the age of 16, such as Paul Sparks (author/teacher) and ZOE communities for over 15 years on community development and the path of Love, Klemmer and Associates Premier Leadership and corporate development company, Tony Robbins, Mary Morrisey, Millionaire Mind, Parish Collective, Connective Consulting, Tammy Scarlett Freedom coaching, Luna Leona and Aly Nauta, and many more.
She released her first version of her healing center in 2014 so that she could travel and connect with teachers and healers in the Americas.
 She experienced her first Vision Quest in 2013 in Canyon De Chelly held by the Dine' (Navajo) people and their land guided by her eco-psychology teacher/healer/psychologist/author Carol Parker.
- Apprenticed with several healers blending Western Medical/Shamanic work from 2013 to the present.
- Study with and continue to study with my teachers in Peru since 2014. Sending gratitude and love to my dear Paquos; Puma, Aldoflo, Tito, Claudio, and Wyra.
- Have held  Solstice ceremony and healing work with the TAKU River Tlingit tribe and people of the Warmsprings lands in Atlin BC, was a holder of space for the construction of the first ever Medicine Wheel for the Tlingit people on their sacred lands.
She brings the MAGIC back into the mundane. Reminding you of the sacredness of everyday practices. The practical and divine within us encounter the world and we get to choose the story we cast upon our lives. Every paradigm and thought process, every wound and every hope can be retrained, fortified and practiced.
YOU can build yourself a life you love with daily practices and rituals that rewire your neurobiology, your nervous system, your mind and the expression in the body.
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body + mind + spirit + science + ritual
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